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Returns Policy

We will meet all your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act. Items that are returned more than SEVEN days after delivery and/or, are unable to be resold as new, or are missing parts cannot be exchanged or refunded. We cannot accept items for exchange that are returned after SEVEN days. We are not obligated to refund items unless they are defective or damaged.

Please note we can only refund shipping costs if the return is a result of our error as defined by Unichem Mount Dispensary. If the return is being made as a result of our error a full refund will be given if required or goods exchanged.

Before returning any goods for exchange or refund please contact us to see if the matter can be resolved. This may save you unnecessary shipping costs.

Telephone: 07 5748645
Email: enquiries@youronlinepharmacy.co.nz

Please ensure that you enclose your proof of purchase. Please ensure that all goods are wrapped securely and appropriately to minimise damage on delivery. This is important, as goods that are unable to be resold will not be exchanged.

Return To:
Unichem Mount Dispensary
PO BOX 10022
42 Girven Road
Mount Maunganui
New Zealand