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Regro contains the only clinically proven topical ingredient in New Zealand to treat Hereditary Hair Loss.

Minoxidil topical spray 5% w/v
80ml spray bottle (vs Regaine 60ml)

Regro Topical Solution is clinically proven to regrow hair in men with hereditary hair loss and help reverse its progression. It contains minoxidil, and it works to enlarge shrunken follicles (increasing their size). This allows for normal healthy hair to develop over time.

To get the most out of Regro Solution, it's important to apply directly to your scalp—twice a day, every day.

The amount of hair regrowth is different for each person. This product will not work for all men. 

REGRO SOLUTION is for men who have a general thinning of hair on the top of the scalp. Not intended for frontal baldness or a receding hairline. 

It takes time to regrow hair. You may need to use Regaine for at least 4 months before you see results. Continual use is necessary to improve and at least maintain your hair growth.

What causes hair loss in men?
Although there are several causes of hair loss, male pattern baldness (also referred to as androgenetic alopecia or hereditary hair loss) accounts for about 95% of hair loss in men. It is usually triggered by a combination of hormonal activity and heredity, which together cause the hair follicles in your scalp to shrink. Over time, the progressive shrinking of certain scalp follicles leads to a shortening of the hair's growing cycle. Hair becomes thinner and shorter, until there is no growth at all.

What is male pattern hair loss?
Male pattern alopecia is characterised by a receding hairline and/or hair loss on the top and front of the head.
A similar type of hair loss in women, results in thinning hair on the vertex (top) of the scalp and is generally less severe than occurs in males.
Male pattern hair loss is an inherited condition, caused by a genetically determined sensitivity to the effects of dihydrotestosterone, or DHT in some areas of the scalp. DHT is believed to shorten the growth phase of the hair cycle, from a usual duration of 3-6 years to just weeks or months. This causes miniaturisation of the follicles, and producing progressively fewer and finer hair.
Several genes are involved, accounting for differing age of onset, progression, pattern and severity of hair loss in family members. The susceptibility genes are inherited from both mother and father.

Topical minoxidil is used in the treatment of male pattern hair loss in men, and female pattern hair loss in women.
It is occasionally useful for other forms of hair loss (alopecia), after hair replacement surgery or chemotherapy.
It works in two ways: revitalizes hair follicles, and regrows hair. Minoxidil, reactivates your hair's natural growth cycle by reinvigorating hair follicles that are shrunken due to hereditary hair loss. Over time, ROGAINE® products will reduce your hair loss and regrow natural, thicker-looking hair.
Minoxidil solution dilates small blood vessels. When applied to the affected areas of the scalp twice daily it has been shown to stimulate hair regrowth probably by enhancing cell proliferation. It is possible it also has an effect on the immune cells in the hair follicle.
Increased hair growth is seen after approximately 4 months of treatment. Generally hair growth is thinner and finer than the original hair.

Will it work for me?
Studies have found minoxidil is 85% effective at treating hereditary hair loss – it is most effective in people under 40 who’s hair loss is recent.
What should I do if I forget a dose?
Skip the missed dose and continue your regular dosing schedule. Do not apply a double dose to make up for a missed one.
Will it work better if I use more?
Exceeding the recommended dosage does not produce greater or faster hair growth and may cause increased side effects.

What are the side effects?
Minoxidil has been used for over 20 years and is relatively safe to use if the instructions on the pack are followed. However, as with all medicines there are possible side effects, these include:
Local irritation may occur, most often resulting in itching or stinging.
Unwanted hair growth might occur, for example if the solution is dripped onto the forehead.
Internal effects are not likely as there is minimal absorption into the system. However, hair growth in distant sites such as the arms, chest and lower back has occasionally been reported.
Who should NOT use it?
Regro should not be used if you are under 18 years or over 65 years.
Don’t not use Regro if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
Do not use on a sunburnt, red, inflamed, irritated or infected scalp.
Minoxidil is best avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What happens if treatment is stopped?
If treatment is stopped, the pretreatment appearance will normally return within 3 or 4 months. If it is stopped after several years of use, the hair that was genetically programmed to be lost during that time will fall out.


  • Active Ingredients
  • Dosage
  • Warning


Minoxidil 5%. w/v
Other Ingredients: ethanol, propylene glycol, water


Apply 7 sprays (1ml) of Regro twice daily to a dry scalp, concentration on the area of hair loss.
Massage the solution into the scalp gently.
Wash hands when finished.



For more detailed important Product Information, click here to go to the Regaine Website
Regaine is a topical treatment and please follow the instructions included with each pack. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.
Do not use Regaine if..
your hair loss is sudden and/or patchy
if your scalp is inflamed, red, irritated , infected or painful.
You do NOT have a family history of hair loss
You have had an allergic reaction to Regaine or any of its ingredients
You are under 18 years or over 65 years of age.
(Women) you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use if you have any heart problems.


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