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EnduraCell BioActive® is a 100% whole Broccoli Sprout concentrate yielding cell-protective compounds. When taken as suggested, the unique phytonutrients of the Broccoli Sprouts contained in this product may assist in the maintenance and improvement of general well-being.

EnduraCell BioActive capsules are a significant source of bioactive sulforaphane. EnduraCell BioActive harnesses the nutrigenomic capability of sulforaphane to potently enhance endogenous cellular defences. As such, EnduraCell BioActive is an appropriate prescription for all patients, in either prevention or therapy. EnduraCell is available in bottles of 80 capsules for consumer use or in bottles of 200 capsules to be dispensed by clinicians as required.

Dispense in smaller packs as required.

Summary of Key Factors Sulforaphane enhances cellular defences primarily by activating the transcription factor, Nrf2 which upregulates genes coding for more than 200 cytoprotective enzymes and other compounds. These genes include those

which code for the synthesis of glutathione and the detoxification enzymes1. Sulforaphane is the most potentknown natural compound to enhance cellular defences, in part by induction of the key Phase 2 detoxification enzyme, Quinone reductase, a significant detoxifier of carcinogens3(Fig.2). In addition, sulforaphane activates the gene which codes for metallothionein4, essential for detoxifying heavy metals, including mercury.

Sulforaphane is also a potent inhibitor of the pro-inflammatory transcription factor, NF-kB, its cellular effect far greater than for curcumin, resveratrol, quercetin, tea catechins and procyanidins5. Sulforaphanecrosses the blood-brain-barrier, providing significant reduction in neuronal inflammation; this has clinical implications in acute and chronic neurological and psychological conditions. Sulforaphane’s epigenetic effects on DNA itself and its histone backbone may enhance its actions.

Sulforaphane’s role as an inducer of hundreds of cytoprotective genes helps explain its diverse actions and is the subject of a growing number of in vitro, animal and clinical research studies which include diabetes, CVD, cancer, Helicobacter pylori, asthma, COPD, liver disease, neurodegeneration, ageing, prostate disease, heavy metal toxicity, collagen integrity and others.page1image469521264 page1image469521472

EnduraCell is a 100% whole bioactive Broccoli Sprout Powder

optimised for its ability to release sulforaphane after ingestion. Sulforaphane’s exceptional bioavailability ensures that most of that released in the gut reaches the relevant target

cells. EnduraCell BioActive capsules release clinically relevant amounts of sulforaphane soon after ingestion.

EnduraCell BioActive provides a safe, effective and unique strategy for enhancing natural cellular defences which are known to decline during illness or with ageing. EnduraCell BioActive can help restore the function of cellular defences. EnduraCell PLUS contains 700mg of EnduraCell powder per capsule and may result in significant increase in Glutathione synthesis 7.

EnduraCell is a potent source of broccoli-derived Sulforaphane

Cell-Logic produces the EnduraCell raw material by a unique process which protects the essential precursor compound, Glucoraphanin and the essential enzyme Myrosinase. EnduraCell powder is a 100% whole plant powder with nothing added and nothing removed. EnduraCell is NOT AN EXTRACT – extracts do not contain myrosinase. Extracts of themselves have NO ability to produce sulforaphane.

Extracts described as containing ‘sulforaphane glucosinolates’ are enzyme-inactive. The name, sulforaphane glucosinolate’ has been coined as a marketing term for Glucoraphanin in products that do not release any sulforaphane. Extracts are reliant on limited (if any) conversion to sulforaphane by the gut microflora with such conversion shown to yield only 0% to 20% of the sulforaphane released by a myrosinase-active broccoli sprout powder8. Such extracts are typically clinically ineffective

  • Active Ingredients
  • Dosage

Each capsule containe 700mg Brassica oleracea var. italica (sprout) (Myrosinase active)

take 2 daily or as directed.


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