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PATCH-IT Circulation 2 Patches


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Clinically tested for tired, aching, heavy feet and legs - contains Menthol. This ingredient is well known to be beneficial for healthy circulation and supports the action of the key ingredients.

Healthy circulation is the basis for maintaining good health and benefits include supporting recovery from injuries, faster recovery times after heavy bouts of exercise or as part of a health maintenance program for those who may be bedridden or wheelchair bound.

Circulation Patch-It was the subject of a clinical trial where users had been experiencing aches and swelling in the lower limbs. The beneficial effect of Circulation Patch-It in reducing the swelling was significantly different from that of a placebo patch.

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Key ingredients

Every Patch-It has been formulated with a blend of 100% natural ingredients. At the core of each formula is our unique blend of Mandarin wood vinegar and Tourmaline. Mandarin wood vinegar is an extract from the Mandarin orange tree that is exclusive to Nutriworks and that has been produced via a renewable, eco-friendly process.

Vinegar has a long history of use. In Chinese Medicine, vinegar is regarded as having "warming" and "drawing" properties. When applied to the soles of the feet, the"warming" characteristic provides stimulation to the reflexology zones resulting in measurable changes in our body such as improved circulation. The "drawing" property promotes better perspiration via the bottom of the feet.

Every Patch-It also contains a small quantity of Black Tourmaline in the form of  very finely grounded nano-sized particles. Tourmaline has unique properties associated with healing and is widely used as a source of far infrared energy.

The most effective use of Patch-It is to apply it to the soles of the feet before sleep as these are where reflexology zones are located. They may also be applied directly on point of discomfort or on alternate acupuncture points such as the back of the knee, on the shoulders etc. Avoid direct application on moving joints as the patch may easily detach.

Patch-It adheres to the bottom of the feet, like a large plaster. They should be applied right before bedtime and work while you sleep. For proper adhesion, clean and dry feet or point of application before use.

Step One:
Remove the patch from its wrapper and peel off the paper that protects the adhesive layer.

Step Two: Apply one Patch-It on the sole of each foot. In the case of Detox Patch-It, you may choose the zone that corresponds to the desired area for detoxification, according to the reflexology chart. For general use, simply apply to the centre of the sole.
Step Three: Ensure that the edges are attached firmly. Wear socks if you feel that the patch may come off during sleep. For best results, keep the patch on for 7-8 hours. If you do not regularly have 7-8 hours of sleep, then apply the patch prior to bedtime but try to avoid too much walking with the patch on the feet.

lease note that the Patch-It should not be applied to open wounds, mucous membranes, or on sensitive skin.Patch-It should not be considered a substitute for consultation with a registered health care professional.? As with all natural health regimes, consult with your physician or health practitioner before use if you have any health concerns. Stop use if redness or excessive skin irritation occurs. Seek medical assistance if in any doubt. Not advisable for pregnant or lactating women.

PATCH-IT Circulation 2 Patches

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