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The Hemp Farm began with just a handful of seeds, and a very big dream. The dream was to create a whole new industry in New Zealand based on hemp. Growing hemp can boost the economy and revolutionize life for everyone in New Zealand, and the world. There are no limits to the uses for hemp when you have vision. Hemp can replace black oil and bio-fuels, producing bio-fuel more efficiently than maize.

The Hemp Farm New Zealand is working on a decortication system that will revolutionize the way hemp is currently processed. Once ready, we will have the most efficient food, fiber and cellulose production system ever created. We will be able to make anything that can be produced from oil, protein or cellulose. Plastic is made from crude black oil. Using hemp to make plastic instead means no oil spills, no drilling, and affordable biodegradable plastics. Growing hemp reduces greenhouse gases, so hemp plastic has a very low environmental footprint. Cellulose is used in 3D printers, so hemp cellulose can be used to make almost anything. Now that is a vision to get excited about!

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