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We love beauty, but we’re not just a beauty brand. We’re an honest movement.

In our quest for a safer world, we’re working towards empowering everyone with knowledge about skincare – what you can trust and what you shouldn’t.

Everybody is born with soft, supple skin but stress, pollution, and merely just the passage of time changes that. And often, in your attempt to care for it, your skin has to brave harsh and unsafe chemicals. But skin is forgiving, so any damage caused only shows signs in the long run.

Organic Riot is changing this by creating an uncompromisingly safe range of products that you can trust and use without a shadow of doubt.

Everything is made with love, care and the highest quality natural ingredients, sourced locally and globally – we’ve got ingredients coming all the way from the rainforests in South America to farms located next to the Himalayas in India, and also some closer to home, like the Marlborough Wine region. Every product is formulated with a specific purpose, combining the best elements nature has to offer with the power of science.

The result is a collection of gentle products that work to restore your skin to its purest, most natural form.

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